Memorials & Tributes

Celebrate Friends and Loved Ones; Honor their Memory

Memorials and TributesThrough The Friends’ memorials and tributes program, you can remember a loved one or honor a friend with a gift to the Saint Paul Public Library Book Endowment Fund.

Memorial and Tribute gifts are added to the Book Endowment Fund of The Friends, the income from which annually supports the purchase of new books and materials for the Saint Paul Public Library.

For every $25 contributed, a bookplate inscribed with the name of the person being honored and, if desired, the name of the donor, will be placed in a newly purchased book at the Library.

A gift of $500.00 or more will endow the purchase of a book each year in perpetuity. Special wording on a bookplate placed annually in a newly purchased book will acknowledge the extraordinary effort you have made to honor a friend or a loved one. These gifts are specially recognized in The Friends’ annual report.

Contributors of these long-lasting tributes (of $500 or more) are automatically members of the Donor Society; smaller gifts count toward the cumulative $500 annual giving level required for Donor Society membership. The Donor Society recognizes The Friends’ most generous individual supporters.



Feel free to call us for help making your donation at 651-222-3242.