We Need Your Library Story!

A Call for Video Submissions

The Friends knows how important the Saint Paul Public Library is to our community, and we need your help to show it. We are asking library users like you to tell us what the library means to you by recording and sending us a short video. We’ll use the footage we receive to create a compilation video that we’ll feature at our virtual gala in October.

It’s easy and quick! See the topic ideas and video tips below.

Thanks for making your library stronger!

Topics to Choose From
Feel free to address more than one topic in your video.

  • What do you love most about the library? What services/resources/people/etc.?
  • How has the library changed your life?
  • Why is the library important to you? To your community?
  • What do you miss about the library during the pandemic closure?
  • What resources have you continued to use during the pandemic closure?

Video Tips

You can take a video of yourself right from your phone or your computer.

  • Hold phone horizontally.
  • Record in a quiet space.
  • Record in a place with a lot of light.
  • Try to keep videos around or under 1 minute.
  • Be you and have fun!

Video Submission

Fill out my online form.

That’s it! Thank you!

Video Permission

By submitting a video, you grant permission to The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library and Saint Paul Public Library to use that video footage in videos, online, and in other communications.