Virtual Events Spotlight

Find a Minnesota author for your next event.

The Minnesota Writers Directory, a project run by the Minnesota Center for the Book, connects writers across the state with people who want to hear more about their stories and their craft.

Did you know that many Minnesota writers are available for virtual events for classrooms, libraries, and beyond? Browse the site by author or genre and skype/zoom availability, to find a writer who is a good fit for your audience. To connect with an author about arranging a virtual visit, click on “Email the Author” on the author’s profile page.

Each month, we will also be feature a rotating list of writers from different genres who are available for virtual events. Visit the Minnesota Writers Directory to find more authors for your next virtual event. 

February Writers:

Molly Beth Griffin 

is the author of three picture books: the newly published Ten Beautiful ThingsLoon Baby and Rhoda’s Rock Hunt, as well as the award-winning young adult novel Silhouette of a Sparrow. She was the recipient of the 2014 McKnight Artist Fellowship in Children’s Literature. She teaches writing for children at the Loft Literary Center, visits schools, and hosts a monthly Picture Book Salon. 

Audience: Children, teens, adults 
Genre: Children’s Picture Book, Poetry, Young Adult  

Bryan Thao Worra 

is the Lao Minnesotan Poet Laureate and holds over 20 national and international awards for his writing and community leadership.

He is the president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association and represented the nation of Laos during the 2012 London Summer Games as a Cultural Olympian. 

Audience: Adults, teens  
Genres: Fantasy, Memoir/Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, Science Fiction 

Artika Tyner 

is a passionate educator, award-winning author, and advocate for justice. She provides leadership development and career coaching for young professionals.

Tyner has also developed leadership educational materials for K-12 students, college/graduate students, faith communities, and nonprofits.  

Audience: Adults, children 
Genres: Children’s Picture Book, History, Nonfiction

Visit the Minnesota Writers Directory to find more authors for your next virtual event:

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