The Minnesota Center for the Book

The Minnesota Center for the Book is the state affiliate of the National Center for the Book at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

Minnesota Center for the BookThe Center for the Book was established by public law in 1977 to promote books, reading, literacy, and libraries, as well as the scholarly study of books. Since its founding, the Center has established affiliate centers in 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Center’s mission is carried out internationally through its overseas affiliates. More than 80 organizations are Center for the Book reading promotion partners in the United States and abroad.

Center for the Book programs include the Books & Beyond author series, in which writers from across the country come to the Library to discuss their work and their use of the Library’s extraordinary resources, and Letters About Literature – a contest that asks young readers to write a letter to an author describing how his or her work touched their life in a personal way. The Center for the Book and the Library of Congress also sponsor the National Book Festival, now in its 14th year.  The Friends was designated as the Minnesota Center for the Book in 2012, primarily for the work with the The Minnesota Book Awards. As the Minnesota Center for the Book, The Friends also coordinates Letters About Literature.

The Center also places special emphasis on young readers through reading and writing contests, the website and the new Young Readers Center in the Thomas Jefferson Building on Capitol Hill.

Lettera About Literature

Letters about Literature

The Minnesota Center for the Book invites Minnesota students in grades 4 through 12 to enter the annual Letters About Literature essay contest. Sponsored nationally by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, the contest asks readers to write a letter to an author describing how his or her work touched their life in a personal way.


Great Lakes Reads - featuredGreat Lakes Reads

Great Lakes Reads is a project of the Great Lakes state Centers for the Book: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, with participation by the Ontario Book Publishers Organization. Books for the “Great Lakes Reads” list were selected by each state, and province, that borders a Great Lake. The chosen works, all by authors either from or residing in each location, highlight the state’s relationship with its lake and the communities surrounding it.


MNBA25-2C---no-bgMinnesota Book Awards

The Minnesota Book Awards is a year-long program that fosters the literary arts community in our state with the ultimate goal of creating stronger communities. The process begins in the fall with book submissions and continues through winter and into spring with two rounds of judging. Also woven throughout the season are various engagement activities and events that promote the authors and connect the entire world of Minnesota books to readers throughout the North Star State.


resources-for-writersResources for Writers

A comprehensive list of resources for writers including local and national organizations for writers, graduate writing programs, literary publications, funding opportunities, national organizations, and more.