Workforce Development


The Library plays an active role in helping job seekers, teaching computer literacy, and supporting small business development under the WORKplace umbrella of services.

Anyone can receive help with the following WORKplace services at SPPL:

  • Job search, from looking for openings to practicing interview skills.
  • Workforce skill development
  • Computer literacy, including assessment, training, and certification in basic digital literacy
  • Community-based computer training in languages other than English
  • English language learning, in partnership with the Minnesota Literacy Council
  • Small business development, from writing a business plan to creating a business website

Friends Support

The Friends has supported these community services since the 1990’s, starting with raising the funds to launch the Small Business Resource Center.

The Friends raised the funds to create the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment, and continues to identify community employment partners.

At a Glance

Only 30% of Minnesota’s job seekers qualify for at least one funding category that allows them to receive the full range of services provided at a workforce centers. The other 70%, which includes youth, are ineligible for the services, and turn to their public libraries and other community organizations.

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