Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment

northstar-guy-smilingThe Northstar Digital Literacy Standards were developed in 2010, through an open community process with representatives the Library, non-profits, community-based agencies, other public and academic libraries, Minnesota Department of Education, DEED and workforce centers, Adult Basic Education professionals, and others.

The standards represent the opportunity for an individual to demonstrate their computer skills.  In 2012, the Library, with its partners, launched an online assessment tool, which allows individuals to prove their skills, and should they choose, receive certification through proctored testing.

The Library has designed its basic computer training classes to help people achieve this level of competency.

Friends Support

The Friends raised the funds needed to create the online assessment tool, transforming the Standards from a list of things to know to a practical demonstration of competency.

At a Glance

The assessment is being used at an incredibly fast rate. People have been using the tool across the country.

Read more about the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment at the Saint Paul Public Library’s website >>