Tournament Schedule

Sunday, June 11, 2017
Landmark Center
75 West 5th Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102

Noon    Doors Open, Registration (Note: Team players who are not competing as individuals may register any time before 1:45)
12:30    First Individual Puzzles – Amateurs and Experts (simultaneous)
12:45    Break (10 Minutes); Scores posted*
12:55    Second Individual Puzzles – Amateurs and Experts (simultaneous)
1:10    Break (10 Minutes); Scores posted*
1:20    Third Individual Puzzles – Amateurs and Experts (simultaneous)
1:35    Break (25 Minutes) — Individual Finalists Announced
2:00    First Team Puzzle
2:15    Break (10 Minutes); Scores posted*
2:25    Second Team Puzzle
2:40    Break (10 Minutes); Scores posted*
2:50    Third Team Puzzle
3:05    Break (25 Minutes) — Team Finalists Announced
3:30    Amateur Finals
4:00    Expert Finals
4:20    Team Finals
4:35    Presentation of Awards and Prizes

*We’ll do our best, but depending on how many participants are playing, we may have time to post only the top finishers before moving on to the next puzzle. All scores will be posted online at after the competition.