Hognander Minnesota History Award Nomination

The Hognander Minnesota History Award recognizes the most outstanding scholarly work related to Minnesota history published during the preceding two years. The award, funded by the Hognander Family Foundation, is presented every two years.

hognander-application-webThe next biennial award will be presented in 2018, with nominations opening August 1, 2017.


This award stems from the Hognander family’s belief in the importance of studying and preserving history. As Joe Hognander notes, “We established this award because of our relationship with the Minnesota Historical Society. Its commitment to excellence is noteworthy in promoting scholarly research and writing. We hope this award will inspire more activity by recognizing and rewarding the finest work in the field.”

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The Minnesota Book Awards is able to host this award through the generous support of the Hognander Family Foundation. Judging criteria include quality and originality of scholarship, accuracy and clarity, and the book’s contribution to the field of Minnesota history.