Capital Campaign Donors

Institutional Supporters

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$1,000,000 and above

3M General Offices

$500,000 to $999,999

Otto Bremer Foundation

The McKnight Foundation

The Saint Paul Foundation

F. R. Bigelow Foundation

Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation

$100,000 – $499,999

Peter J. King Family Foundation

Hardenbergh Foundation

Katherine B. Andersen Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation

The Patrick & Aimee Butler Family Foundation

Minnesota Community Foundation

The Mardag Foundation

Ecolab Foundation

Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation

RBC Foundation – USA

The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

$10,000 – $99,999

Trillium Family Foundation

Travelers Foundation

The Driscoll Foundation

Securian Foundation

Elmer L. & Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota

Harlan Boss Foundation for the Arts

The Scrooby Foundation

Nicholson Family Foundation

The McCarthy Bjorklund Foundation

The Boss Foundation

The Marbrook Foundation

Hugh J. Andersen Foundation

Up to $9,999

Kamish Excavating, Inc.

Pearle Vision Highland Park

The Lerner Foundation

Lawal Scott Erickson Architects

Sheehy Construction Company

Newport Saint Paul Cold Storage

High Winds Fund

Damon Farber Associates

Berwald Roofing Company, Inc.

Independence Plaza, Inc.

Individual Supporters

$100,000 and above

John and Ruth Huss

Todd and Martha Nicholson

$10,000 to $50,000

Kathleen R. Callahan

Michael and Leslie Connelly

Page and Jay Cowles

Heidi Gesell and John Edgerton

Litton E. and Anne Hazelroth Field

Robyn Hansen and John Clarey

Paul and Michelle Hirschboeck

James E. Johnson and Lucy Rosenberry Jones

Diana and Ken Lewis

Richard and Nancy Nicholson

John and Cynthia O’Halloran

Terrance and Kathleen Russell

Tom H. Swain

Patrick and Jane Thiele

F.T. and Nancy Weyerhaeuser

Annette and John Whaley

$5,000 to $9,999

Charles and Janet Williams

Kit Hadley and Cynthia Fay

William and Maureen Cosgriff

Susan and Bryan Dowd

Julia and James Adams

Joseph Bagnoli and Barbara Cox

Tanya Lea Bell and Lee Schafer

Gregory Blees and Sandra Lloyd-Blees

Tom and Liz Boyd

James and Jayne Bradshaw

Scott and Sarah Burns

Theodore Davis and Andrea Casselton

Terry Devitt

Carla and Scott Gillespie

Patrick and Laura Harris

Virginia and William Hickey

Thomas Hiendlmayr and Jan Ormasa

Mr. George Latimer

Marc and Kathy Manderscheid

Peter and Mary Ann Pearson

George and Diane Power

Ron and Margaret Tabar

James and Sharon Toscano

Margaret C. Walsh

Wheelock Whitney and Kathleen Blatz

Mark and Heidi Wingerd

Charles and Beth Wright

$1,000 to $4,999

Roger and Margie Anderson

Mary Anne Anderson

Robert and Diane Awsumb

Gene Bard

Albertine Beard

Tim and Carole Bloom

Peter and Sarah Borgen

Steven and Nancy Brady

Douglas and Dana Bruce

Armando and Angela Camacho

David Cargo

Michael Connelly and Nancy Wagner

John and Bethany Culp

Mary Anne Cummings

Ann and Jon Cieslak

Andrew Currie and Ames Sheldon

Sara Donovan and John Farrish

Katherine and Delano DuGarm

Delano DuGarm

Beverly H. Dwyer

Thomas Dzik and Hannah McGraw Dzik

Mr. David E. Feinberg

Jennifer Ford Reedy and Christopher Reedy

Mr. Edward F. Fox

Richard Garber and Regina Bonsignore

Christopher P. Georgacas

Greg Giles and Teresa West

Joseph W. Glenski

Dan and Andrea Greenfield

Ronald, Marie and Katherine Grimm

Jennifer Gross and Jerry Lefevre

Erik and Jana Hagen

Sue Hall and Audie Dunham

James Hamilton and Elizabeth Arendt

Jean and B. C. Hart

David and Ann Heider

Scott and Kathy Heiderich

David and Sharon Heitzman

Mr. Courtney Henry

Jack and Linda Hoeschler

Eric and Julie Jacobsen

Bernadette P. and Jeffrey Janisch

Maggie Johnston

Marty and Kristine Johnston

Steve Kantner

Phyllis Karasov and Dr. Alan Olstein

Thomas and Marlene Kayser

Martin and Esther Kellogg

Bob and Sandy Klas

Kathleen Lantry and Joe Fleischhacker

Margaret Lussky

Robert and Helen Mairs

Ann and Scott Malm

Ann McKinnon and Stanton Zobel

Eileen McMahon and Steven Karbon

Debra Mitts-Smith and Marschall Smith

Wendy Moylan

Russell and Nancy Nelson

Richard and Joan Newmark

Howard Orenstein

Margaret and Richard Passmore

John and Debra Peterson

Paul and Margy Peterson

Kari and Dan Rominski

Mary Rothchild

Wendy and Steve Rubin

Mark and Alison Savin

Estelle Quinn Sell

Renate Sharp

Terri Shefelbine and Todd Jones

Deborah Smith-Wright and David Wright

Sue and Peter Stein

Elizabeth and Richard Streeper

Elena Sunland

Morgan and Marilyn Tamsky

Shirley A. Taube

Judy Tetzlaff

Councilmember Chris Tolbert

Susan L. Vento

Thomas and Barbara Votel

Elaine M. Wagner

Christine Walsh

Ellen Watters and Ann Fendorf

Jerry Woelfel and Becky Garthofner

Jennifer and John Wood

Ann Wynia

Amy Zimmer

Michael Zwank

$500 to $999

Elizabeth Bixby

Chris and Jenny Boulton

Carolyn Brusseau

Nancy Giguere and Bruce Tyler

Lynn Giovannelli

Louise and Dick Jones

Sara Ellen Kuether

Lillian and Dylan Leatham

John and Jen Marshall

Nancy W. McKillips

Kathleen McMahon

Neal Peterson and Deanna Thompson

Mrs. Shelly Richards

Mark and Shelly Richards

James A. and Hope Scannell

N. Stewart and Caroline Stone

Carol B. Summers

Robert and Carolyn Wollan

$100 to $499

D.K. Allchin

Jerome and Constance Anderson

Joel and Teresa Anderson

Frank and Kathleen Berdan

Wendy Berkowitz

Robert Bishaw

Jill Boldenow

Linda J. Camp

Chris P. Claude

Ted and Janel Cox

Christopher and Gretchen Cudak

Elizabeth and Thomas Dodder

Mike and Joann Dougherty

Rev. Larry and Elizabeth Drumm

Agnes Dynes

Charlene Gabler and Eric Ditlevson

Mary and Joe Finley

Barbara Freese

Anne F. Geisser

Donald and Rosemary Gruber

Patricia Haswell and Richard Todd

Jody A. Hauer

Mary Clare Huberty and Sherry Hanson

Joseph and Michelle Jansen

David Jennings

Derek Johnson

Frank Kennedy

Adam and Stephanie Kim

Mr. John and Mrs. Maureen Knapp

Heather and Powell Kopp

Kathleen Sanders and Michael Kuchta

Irv and Gwen Lerner

Anne and John Levin

Donna Allan and William Mahlum

Shannon Marting and David Senf

Peter and Karla Myers

Kevin Olson

Deborah and John Patterson

Bryon and Paula Reinhart

Mrs. Bernice Rosten

James and Sandra Rutzick

Brenda Ryan

Deanna Sande

Dick Sarafolean

Paul Scobie

Mrs. Emily F. Seesel

Ann Seha

Mary Stimson

Sharon D. Sturdivant

John M. Tancabell

Donald and Mary Tehven

Sean and Susan Truman

Mark Vanney

Robert and Karen Vanney

Sarah Walbert and Mark Perpich

Linda Wilcox and Russ Havir

Kent and Missy Wilson

Leonard and Adelia Wilson

Biloine W. Young

Phyllis and Allen Zumach

Up to $99

Tabatha and Mathew Barrett

Daniel and Patricia Blaskowski

Erik and Hanna Brandt

Roger and Ronnie Brooks

George and Wendy Caucutt

Edward J. Cleary

Jonathan and Julie Cook

Daniel and Ariel Dressler

Alice H. Engelman

Carole Erickson

Maurice and Kristina Fahnestock

Harry and Elizabeth Fair

Susan C. Flynn

Donna Genck

Adele and Thomas Greenlee

Phyllis Hollihan

Patricia M. Karr

Charles Kernkamp and Kay Reich

Gloria Kumagai

Gerald Kvist

Ruth B. Lauritzen

Dorothy Lipschultz

Catherine Mason

Erin McDermid

James and Janine McQuillan

Robert McShannock

Scott Moore and Beth Haney

Terry and Donna Moores

William and Marilyn Nolan

Shannon Norton

Martha Rossini Olson and Gary J. Olson

James Pfankuch

Fred and Renee Pritzker

John Pyle

Paul and Anita Ratwik

Sharon A. Rebar

Craig and Andrea Roads

Dennis and Jenny Rosemark

Max Ross

Larry and Lois Schochet

Walter and Sylvia Schwarz

Roberta Skoog

Debora Slee

Michael Smith and Dorothy Schlesselman

Edward and Ellen Stephens

Mary Margaret Sullivan

Michael and Tammy Thomas

Ralph and Loanne Thrane

H. Hillard and Helene Ward

Mary Kay Watson

John and Sandra White

Ms. Patricia Williamson

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