preschool-mom-and-kidWon’t you please join us?

We promise not to cut in on your radio show. We won’t interrupt your favorite television show. In fact, we’re not really sure what a “Doo-Wop” is, or why you would want the box set!! We’ll just let you know every June that it’s time to renew your membership with The Friends. Join anytime throughout the year and your membership is good until a year from the following June.

The need for a strong library is greater than ever.

Attendance and use has jumped as demand for the services and resources offered by the library increases. The Friends expands the Saint Paul Public Library’s capacity to serve, but we can’t do it without your continued support.

Please consider a monthly donation.

It’s easy and convenient. Your contribution is deducted automatically from the account or credit card of your choice, which means no reminders from us. So we spend less of your contribution on postage and paper, and more on library materials and programs. Spreading your support over time is easier on your budget, plus it gives The Friends the security of a steady, reliable stream of support. And you’ll feel good knowing that you’re continuing to support the library we all love.

Free gifts for Sustaining Friends:

Supporters at $10 per month or higher can receive our new Saint Paul Public Library automatic compact umbrella.

Please note on the donation form if you’d like to take advantage of this free gift offer.


Your gift makes a real impact in our public library.

What Do The Friends Do?

Through this work, The Friends serves as a national model for its unique, comprehensive support of the Saint Paul Public Library.

Why Become a Friend?

  • The Saint Paul Public Library stands at the forefront of our nation’s public libraries. Thanks to strong community support, our Library has beautiful new buildings, enhanced collections, advanced technology, and an expert staff engaged in vigorous public outreach and service.
  • The Saint Paul Public Library had 5,005,649 visits last year, system-wide (includes the mobile app, website, bookmobile and library buildings). Your membership and involvement help to sustain this record of excellence.
  • As a member of The Friends, your voice will be heard on Library issues – and together our voices become louder as our membership grows.

sustainingI want to be a Sustaining Friend and spread my support over time.


one-time-giftI prefer to join or renew my membership with a one-time gift.