Support the Book Awards

Nominations and ApplicationsThe Minnesota Book Awards is a year-round process involving nominations, judging, and the selection of finalists and winners. More importantly, the Awards is a statewide outreach program connecting readers to the work of Minnesota authors. Last year, more than 100 individuals volunteered their time and talents to support the Book Awards. Nearly 300 books by Minnesota authors were nominated. And, over 700 booklovers, publishers and writers attended the gala Awards ceremony — thousands more watched on public television.

Ensure the Future of the Minnesota Book Awards

The Book Awards increases readership of Minnesota books and raises the profile of our state’s authors. As you consider a gift in support of the Book Awards, please keep in mind the following:

  • More than 1,200 nominated books were donated to Minnesota libraries following the Book Awards gala, increasing the accessibility of these books statewide.
  • Tens of thousands of Book Awards outreach materials – bookmarks, posters, DVDs, and reading guides – were distributed free to libraries, schools and booksellers.
  • More than 2,000 votes were cast last year for the Readers’ Choice Award.
  • Over 40 free programs featuring finalists and winners, sponsored by the Book Awards, were held in libraries and other venues across the state.
  • At least 300 ads and “earned media” appeared in newspapers and on TV and radio all over the state promoting the Awards and its related programs. And many stories mentioning the Minnesota Book Awards were published nationally, as finalists and winners continue to make an impression on the literary scene.