2018 Advocacy Platform

A Case for Libraries:
Equity through Resources

In order to survive and prosper in our accelerated world, individuals need the right resources to process a massive flood of information.

Libraries are more important than ever when it comes to bridging economic, educational, cultural, and technological access barriers so that all of our community's residents can seek and find the resources they need to interpret vast amounts of complex information and thrive in a knowledge-based society.

The Saint Paul Public Library (SPPL) has a long record of success in helping individuals adapt to and successfully navigate a changing world.

  • All Saint Paul Public School students now have access to library resources through Library Go.
  • More than one million adults have completed the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment since 2012.

"The Homework Center made my grade go from a C+ to an A."  -Sixth grader and daily user of Rondo Library Homework Center

Strong public support ensures that we can serve all Saint Paul residents and bridge equity gaps across
our community.

About The Friends’ Advocacy Committee:

For 25 years, the advocacy committee of The Friends has been making a coordinated effort to ensure that public support remains strong and the Library’s highest priorities are honored. Comprising active community volunteers from every ward, Friends staff, trustees and the Library Director, the advocacy committee discusses recommendations from library leadership and assembles a position paper of specific priorities to be presented to the Mayor and City Council in individual meetings (scheduled by the constituents) throughout the summer. At each meeting, citizens and Friends request that the funding initiatives be included in the library budget for the next fiscal year. The position paper is also sent to local media outlets and community organizations that’ve partnered with the Library, in an effort to generate as much public awareness and broad support as possible before the City Council finalizes its budget in December.

For information on how you can get involved in the advocacy process, email [email protected]

The need for a strong library is greater than ever.